wolfpack youth

Helping kids find their place in the world.

Kids are people too.

And just like all of the people around them, they're constantly searching for the things and experiences that will hold meaning for them. Exploring who they want to be and what is important. Through our Wolfpack Youth Programs we encourage that exploration of self with a physical relationship to nature and the world around us–both in the city and out in the trees.

Check out our programs for kids and find that one that's right for yours. Check back as we're always adding new and interesting ways to engage kids in nature and to help them find their own way to Get After It!

The PACK is here!

Our PACK (Portland After-school Connection for Kids) program is designed to help kids build a greater connection with nature through physical and social activity outside.

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Trail Running & Forest Skills Camp

Our Youth Skills Camp at the Renaissance School of Arts & Sciences helps those of all abilities develop physical fitness, familiarize themselves with local trails, and enhance their relationship with their Pacific Northwest habitat.

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We also have personal coaching and adventure planning for kids! Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your Wolf pup.