Perspective, techniques, and guidance to change lives.

We start with your "why"

Every new coaching client comes to us with an initial objective. Sometimes it's a desire to simply get moving, get fit and create a more active lifestyle, other times it's to plan, prepare, and train to run a race, climb a mountain, or backpack a trail. No matter the goal, we always start with the truly fundamental question "Why?"*

*We find that many people haven't fully explored the question of why they want to do something, and feel that not understanding one's underlying motivations—and having a holistic training approach and plan designed accordingly—may very well impede healthy progression to reaching their goals. Occasionally, after pondering such tough questions, client's realize they've been focusing on the wrong goal or motivation altogether, and make a shift toward training for a different objective and/or with a different approach.

At Wy'east Wolfpack we know that real accomplishment comes from meaningful change and that change happens in the process, separate from the end result. We love working through that process with folks of all levels, ages, and paces and abilities.

The amount of exciting things to do, explore, and experience in this life are endless. We'd love to help you get ready, get out there, and get after it!

Personal Coaching/Training - Base Subscription

Our personal coaching starts with a base subscription that is a minimum of one month. We have this minimum in place to make sure that we're able to establish a solid fitness foundation. On top of this we'll work to help you build the specific skills and fitness qualities to reach your goal.

$200 per month* and includes the following:

Introductory 30 minute call
Every coaching program we design starts with a clear understanding of who you are, where you've been, and why you want to do what you're doing. We use this to identify the exact elements of your training program that will be most beneficial to you.

Intake Questionnaire
Once we have an idea of what you're trying to do and why, we need to get an understanding of your level of skill and your basic fitness foundation. We use this to set a baseline and create the pace and effort for your plan.

Weekly Group Fitness Sessions and Community Access
It is very important that you be accountable in your program and that you share your journey with like-minded adventurers. For this reason we ask that you attend one group fitness class per week and try to be active in our online community. This is an incredibly valuable and dynamic part of your journey.

Weekly Check-ins
Understanding the challenges you face each week and how your body and mind respond to the training allows us to adapt and improve the plan. These weekly check-ins are your opportunity to give us the fine details we need to make the most of the time you spend in reaching your goals.

Payment Schedule
All of our coaching services are sold as subscription packages set to auto-renew monthly. Most of our coaching clients find that this is easier for them as they no longer have to remember when to renew their coaching service or remember how many sessions they've already paid for. If you want to end your coaching subscription you can easily do so from your personal subscription account page.

Need to talk it out a bit more?
Sometimes it's hard to know what you need. Send us a message and we'll schedule some time to help you come up with a plan.

Purchase a coaching subscription with any of the following coaches:

Already have a subscription?

Add in-person coaching sessions

In-person sessions can be scheduled by you around the various demands of your life. The topics and work done in these sessions can be specific to challenges you face in your training or they can be general skill improvements recommended by your personal coach. These sessions require a base coaching subscription and must be scheduled at least one week in advance.

$75 per additional coaching session

Need expert consultation?

One hour consultation with an expert coach

One-on-one session session to more deeply understand the adjustments you want to make. In some cases we may put you through a workout so that we can look at your form and mechanics, discuss specific strategy to help you reach your goals, and go over training philosophy to help you build your approach to training. Our one hour consultation sessions do not require a base coaching subscription.

$100 per one hour consultation session