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At Wy'east Wolfpack, we believe that fitness and adventure can play a critical role in every person's exploration of self. Where does happiness and sense of fulfillment come from? What stories do we tell ourselves that may or may not be true and can keep us from getting what we need? It's this approach that makes each of our coaches really great at what they do. With a genuine interest in people and how they feel about themselves, they work to define, strategize, and attain those goals that often feel out of reach.

Yassine Diboun

Yassine’s love and appreciation for the outdoors was instilled at a young age.  While growing up, Yassine’s mother would disconnect the cable TV in the summer months and take the family and friends on camping adventures.  In his early twenties the unquenchable thirst for exploration propelled Yassine to Colorado and then to the Finger Lakes Region of New York state where he met his wife and was transformed into a trail ultra-marathon runner.  Since 2008 Yassine has made his presence felt in the competitive ultra-running scene but has realized there is much more than trying to clock the fastest times.  He still loves the camaraderie and laid-back enjoyment of experiencing nature with friends and sharing stories around camp, like he did with family and friends early in his life.

He resides close to the trails in Portland, OR with his wife Erica and daughter Farah.

Yassine holds a Bachelors of Science in Health Studies: Physical Activity/Exercise from Portland State University.  He is a Wilderness First Responder and is certified in Adult/Child CPR, AED & Airway Management.

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"I want to help people create experiences that they'll be proud of when they look back on their lives—their own personal rocking chair stories" - Yassine

Willie McBride

Willie has been fortunate to climb, hike, and run around in the outdoors since age 10 (at a birthday party in 1st grade he tackled a kid who was stomping on a young tree, making quite clear his love of nature and his mother’s influence as a landscape architect.)  He headed West as soon as he was able and has since climbed mountains and run trails on numerous continents, having many stunning and life-changing adventures along the way.  Since 2005 he has increasingly focused on trail and ultra-marathons, ski mountaineering, "fast"packing adventures, and his greatest passion of all: sharing his infectious enthusiasm for these activities and the outdoors with others.

Willie received a B.A. in English/Creative Writing at Colorado College and is a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute in Portland, OR.  He is a Wilderness First Responder and certified in Adult/Child CPR, AED & Airway Management.

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Mike Grant

Mike Grant is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor and therapist currently working in Kaiser Permanente’s Addiction Medicine department.  Additionally he is a UESCA Certified Ultrarunning Coach and founder of “Aid Station: Performance Therapy and Coaching” which utilizes EMDR Therapy to help athletes of all levels meet their performance goals. Mike has personally experienced the transformative power of running and understands how the skills and determination needed to achieve running goals can be applied to other areas of life.

As a runner and ultra-runner he has completed the Oregon Cascade 100-mile and Wy’east Wonder 50-mile races, seven marathons and countless shorter distance races.

Mike received a Masters and Bachelors degree in Social Work through Portland State University and is a veteran of the United States Army.  He’s also a published author of “(Re)Making A Sandwich”  and enjoys mountain sports with his son Deacon.

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Alex Borsuk (Hasenohr)

Alex Borsuk is a sports nutritionist, UESCA Certified Ultrarunning Coach, mountain endurance athlete for Dynafit, and contributor for Trail Runner Magazine. She received a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition from Ohio University, and a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition from The Ohio State University.

Alex has always had a deep passion for the outdoors, but after moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2013, she has dove headfirst into all the outdoors has to offer. She is a competitive trail and ultra runner, racing locally and all around the world. When she isn’t running on the trails, you can find her climbing local volcanoes, ski mountaineering, biking up mountains, going on fast packing trips, or rock climbing in the alpine.

She is a strong believer that the best training is the kind that brings you the most joy, and is enthusiastic about sharing her passions with others.  She resides in Portland, OR with her husband and life-long adventure buddy Matt, and their border collie Otto.

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"The goal should be to avoid comparison and be present—simply enjoy doing whatever you choose to do. This is your journey and the possibilities are endless, so take time to find what truly resonates with you and then get after it." - Willie


Wy'east Wolfpack, as a business and as a member of the community, is only as good as the people who lead it. We work hard to be proud of who we are, what we've set as our mission and how that might help others have healthier and happier lives.

Willie McBride

Like any small business owner, Willie wears multiple hats. He can be found out on the trails with personal coaching clients, leading member wellness classes, or on another continent guiding one of our adventure clients.

Willie's primary focus is maintaining the value and outcomes of our Member Wellness and Adventure Services programs. If you're interested in making the Wolfpack values an integral part of your organization or if you've been hoping to make real that lifelong dream trip, Willie's your man.

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Yassine Diboun

Yassine's incredible energy and drive are a regular part of helping clients explore, understand, and ultimately reach their life goals. You'll know just how far he's willing to go to bring that energy if you ever see him in costume at one of our racing aid stations.

As head of our Coaching Programs, he's helped many people use fitness and adventure as a means to better understand themselves, what they seek and why.

Yassine also loves the pure joy of running through the woods which makes him perfect for leading our Youth Programs. We work hard to design camps and events that will engage and delight the kids who experience them.

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Daryl Freier

Daryl grew up in the woods near the Western Montana ski town of Whitefish. Whether fishing, biking, skiing, or hiking—he was happiest when he was deep in the trees or high up in the sub-alpine.

His love of art, music, and meaningful experiences led him to brand and advertising design and then to digital product design. For the past decade he's spent his career designing and making digital experiences for Ziba, Nike, Adidas, The North Face, Microsoft, ZoomCare, and others. All the while, never missing an opportunity to lace up, find a trail, and go as far out as he could get. He resides in Portland, Oregon with his partner Dina, and their dog, Goody Valentine.

Daryl joined us to help develop Wy'east Wolfpack values into new product and service experiences and make them available to everyone, including those who have not always felt welcome in the mountains. He looks forward to that work and to the growth of the Wolfpack community.

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"I hope everyone can ask themselves 'Why?' 'Why is a marathon important to me?' 'Why do I want to finish a 100 miler?' I believe the most valuable tool when starting any endeavor is the conversation you start with yourself." - Daryl

From our self-guided programs to our one-on-one coaching and custom adventure planning, we incorporate the Wy'east Wolfpack values in everything we do. If you're interested, dig in and learn more.