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Honest and inspiring conversations

Welcome to our podcast!

We are truly thrilled to have created a down-to-earth podcast featuring honest conversations with inspiring people in the creative hotbed of Portland, Oregon.  You can also listen to the Get After It PDX podcast on Spotify and iTunes/Apple Podcasts

Creator/Host/Producer: Willie McBride - Intro & Outro Voice Over/Sound Consultant: Greg Pressler

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Damien Jackson-Ricketts

Physical Therapist & owner/founder of Stoke PT

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Jennifer Maxwell

Co-Founder/Creator of PowerBar & JAMBAR, Athlete & Musician

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Natalie Edwards

Founder/Baker of Lucille & Annie's Poundcakes

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Jamie King

Co-Founder/Owner of Flex & Flow, Yogi, Ultra Runner, and mother

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Mike Grant

Author, Social Worker & Drug/Alcohol Counselor

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Rashad Frazier

Chef & Founder of Yoshi Jenkins/Camp Yoshi

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Liz Craig

Engineer, Adventurer & Head of Marketing/Content Creation at Mountain Shop

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Hannes Ghering

Ultra Runner, Basketball Coach & Owner/Founder of Tails & Trails Dog Hikes

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Syann Cromwell

Dancer, Creative & Account Associate at Rebellious PR

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Perri Rhoden

Visual/Mixed Media Artist

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barry johnson

Interdisciplinary Artist

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Jacobsen Valentine

Founder of Feed the Mass & Empowerment Central

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Amanda Gilliam

Founder/Creator of Big Girl Barbell

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Joshua Cole

Founder/Executive Director of Family Meal PDX

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Yassine Diboun

Ultrarunner/Coach & Co-Founder/Owner of Wy’east Wolfpack

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Daniel White "the Blackalacian"

Thru-hiker & Adventurer

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Albert Lee

Candidate for Congress, 3rd District OR

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Listen Up #1: Faith Briggs

Filmmaker & Runner/Outdoor Adventurer

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Ace Cauthen

Fitness Coach & Yoga Instructor Extraordinaire

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Special Health + Wellness Edition #5

Kerry Mann - Holistic Health Coach

A chat about the unprecedented times we find ourselves in and ways to cope, stay mentally/physically healthy, and help others along the way.

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Lisa Schmidt

Founder of You Matter, Your Story Matters

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Peter Bromka

Writer, Runner, & Consultant

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Kylie Antolini

Founder of Wildwood Candle Co.

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A chat with Katy Connors about the unprecedented times we find ourselves in and ways to cope, stay mentally/physically healthy, and help others along the way.

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A chat with Ashley Hook about the unprecedented times we find ourselves in and ways to cope, stay mentally/physically healthy, and help others along the way.

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A chat with Alexandra Lev about the unprecedented times we find ourselves in and ways to cope, stay mentally/physically healthy, and help others along the way.

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A chat with Skylor Powell about the unprecedented times we find ourselves in and ways to cope, stay mentally/physically healthy, and help others along the way.

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Candace Molatore

Self-love Advocate, Photographer, and Brand Strategist/Influencer

“Be patient. I think a lot of people think they have to figure it out right now. I am grateful that I was patient with myself enough to explore new things, pick up a camera, and try a new hobby. It ended up being something that turned into what I’m still doing to this day. “

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Benjamin Ewing

Multi-disciplinary Artist

“The connection with nature and working with your hands is something not only creatives are wrestling with right now, but the world as a whole . . . There’s a wealth of creative people who are just lost to their desks.”

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Paul Summers

Hip Hop artist, Videographer, and Care Provider

“Running helps me clear my head when the anxiety is building up. It’s like the opposite of procrastination . . . when I tie up my shoes in the morning a lot of that [anxiety] clears out.”

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Ian Williams

Founder/Owner of Deadstock Coffee

“Do what you want to do. . . sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. There is a solution to most things and if you want that thing bad enough . . . There’s opportunity. I took the janitor job because I wanted a job. That was my platform to get to this other place.”

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Katy Connors

Director of Operations at Hat Yai

“When it comes to your work environment, don’t be afraid to question how [it] can be better and how you can be better within it . . . You’ll find that there’s no ceiling, we work in an environment where anything can happen.”

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Maggie Converse

Yoga and Meditation Teacher & Reiki Practitioner

“Let go of the idea of doing something perfectly . . . Instead, go into something with the intention of being authentic and being honest with yourself.”

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Michael Griffin

Director of Marketing Finex Cast Iron Cookware Co.

“Focusing is key . . . How much further can I take this focus? What are the specific things that are keeping you from doing whatever it is you’re focused on?”

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Lizy Gershenzon

Designer/Co-Founder of Future Fonts

“It’s a balance between taking those bigger risks and leaps, and the everyday focus, consistency, improvements . . . Those big risks and leaps have helped us grow quicker.”

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Jeremy Long

Founder of Daybreak Racing

“There’s definitely a human need to tell stories and that is what I’m trying to do with these events. . . I feel like the races I’ve created tell a story about the particular area and I think people have really connected with that.”

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Len Necefer

Professor & Founder of NativesOutdoors

“The biggest decision that you have to make in your life is what your values are and also the decision to live by your values.”

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Sam Purvis

Co-Founder of Good Coffee

"The deepest and greatest impact we can have in people’s lives is to tell them the truth about themselves — that they’re incredibly valuable.”

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Skylor Powell

Founder/Impact Producer at The Thread US

“Being in a healthy place does not mean that you don’t question your actions, but it means you question it with a sense of encouragement rather than judgment.”

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Hanif Fazal

Founder & CEO of Center for Equity and Inclusion (CEI)

"Any good conversation talking about diversity and inclusion is always talking about power -- that’s all it is.”

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JT Lehman

Adventurer, Engineer & Creator of Alpenflo

“If you don’t know what your passions are, follow your interests, dig into it, read some books on it, get out and try it. Experiment with it and give it time to see if passion and fire come from that

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Emma Sharer

Campus Manager at The Redd

“Be bold. Boldness has so much genius and power to it. I think that boldness can come from listening to yourself and to the community around you.”

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Jen Quist

Co-Founder/Owner of Holler Hospitality

“It took me a minute to figure out what I wanted to do, and once it clicked, it clicked. Stick with it. And then when you get there, take time to really understand it.”

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Alan Aldous

Founder of Awaken Your Passion

“There’s a whole other level of life that’s accessible. You have to learn to listen to what your soul needs and give it more of that.”

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Chevonne Ball

Founder/Owner of Dirty Radish

“It’s about sharing it with good people and bringing people together. Everybody has a seat at the table.”

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Alexandra Lev

Freelance Writer & Social Media Creative

“I am very much a person who likes to be in control and part of being in the mountains is relinquishing that control to an extent.”

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Michael Christy

Operations Manager at Modern Times Beer (Portland)

“No one ever accomplished anything big or important without taking risks and without that chance to fail.”

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Teresa Baker

Founder of the African Nature & Parks Experience & Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge

“We need to engage [people of color] because the environment is at risk. When we connect people to the land, they develop a relationship to these spaces.”

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Sadie Lincoln

Co-founder/Owner of Barre3

“The secret ingredient to my health and well-being was that I was no longer lonely.”

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Ryan Carpenter

Founder/Owner of Moberi

“Sometimes you can just start and kind of figure the rest out later.”

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Gabriel Rucker

Chef/Owner of Le Pigeon & Canard & Sober Chef/Fitness figure

“If you want to move forward in life, you always have to find a way to be slightly in over your head or else you are not challenged. Don’t play it safe.”

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Faith Briggs

Filmmaker & Runner/Outdoor Adventurer

“I want people to feel seen. And I want people to see other people that look like them doing things that maybe they didn’t think were possible.”

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Allison Bryan

Architect/Designer & Founder of Open Studio Collective

“I’m not a cryer, but running is one of the few things in life that makes me cry. It brings me back to a time in my life where it really changed everything for me.”

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Gregory Gourdet

Chef/Food Activist & Trail Runner

“I think the great thing about life and knowing what you want is never giving up. What you have deep down inside is something that will fuel you.”

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Theresa Silveyra

Music Teacher & Mountaineer/Ultra Runner

“Be patient with yourself. It felt like I was trying to rush into everything and was disappointed when it wasn’t happening right away.”

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