member wellness

When you grow people, you grow organizations.

When the people in your organization are healthy and happy they're better able to contribute to your shared goals. We seek to make a personal connection with each of your people to encourage health and fitness goals that give them balance, purpose, and empower their well-being.

What you get:

  • Easy payment and account management with separate logins for each of your members
  • Engagement data to know that your members are using and benefitting from our services

What your members get:

  • In-person fitness classes centered around functional fitness, mindfulness and stress relief.
  • Online self-guided video sessions
  • Access to our Wolfpack Community web site
  • Coming soon: A variety of self-guided fitness programs designed to get people outside and moving in creative and social ways.
  • Coming soon: Online fitness planning tools to help them manage their personal health and well-being journey

Additionally, we offer add-on services such as personal coaching and adventure planning if they want to go even bigger.

We are thrilled to be the leading provider of member wellness services in Portland, Oregon. Check out the video below to hear about what Member Wellness means to us!  

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