Move Through Darkness

We must find ways to see the light.

As a person in recovery from substance addiction (since 2004, one day at a time) I know how "dark" life can get sometimes. I have experienced the long nights awake using chemicals, trying to escape reality and numb the pain; feeling hopeless and acting reckless.

Our modern era is "next-level-challenging" in many regards, to say the least. That challenge became too overwhelming for one of our friends in 2020, and sadly he ended his life. We must find ways to see the light, and hope for better days ahead.

I am compelled and motivated to continue to help people find a way out of the darkness, in partnership with the Alano Club of Portland. We could use your help.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

What is the project?

This mission is about using my passion for long distance "ultra" running as a vehicle dedicated to raising funds and awareness for programs offered at the Alano Club of Portland. The fundraising campaign will allow us to continue our offerings into 2024 for programs such as: The Recovery Gym, Run TRG, The Recovery Toolkit Series, and more.

These programs have proven to be healthy outlets for those in or seeking recovery from substance addiction....a "light" out of the darkness, if you will. Every year (‘20, ‘21, and '22) has been a HUGE success thanks to many generous and thoughtful people. We are going to keep this momentum going and continue into the future.

On Saturday evening December 9, 2023 at sunset I will start my GPS watch from the Alano Club, and begin running around Portland, Oregon, and I won't stop until sunrise! I encourage you to pledge $1 per mile. For example: if I stop at sunrise and my GPS says 62 miles, you donate $62 to our cause. You are welcome to give more (or less), and your donations will literally be helping change and save lives. Thank you kindly in advance!  We will also have “teams” where runners can participate “relay-style” (for example: Runner 1 starts at Alano Club and runs to Germantown Rd., and tags the next team member to do the next section, and so on and so forth).

You can visit our secure page here if you'd rather make a one-time donation instead of pledging per mile:

Here's the route.

I have put together this route and will try to stick close to it throughout the night. I may run laps on Duniway Track in the wee hours of the morning so I don't have to think too much and worry about turns, etc. in my sleep deprived state!

The course is 95% on surfaces where one could bike ride if anyone wants to join for sections. Runners are encouraged to join for any portions, and I would definitely welcome the company. I am prepared to carry my food and water, and encounter dark, cold, and rainy conditions.

Just before sunrise I will head back to the Alano Club to stop my GPS watch for the official mileage. I will also have a Garmin InReach GPS transponder for folks to check in on my progress HERE, and I will do periodic Facebook and Instagram LIVE videos to raise awareness and give status updates, etc.  

Follow @YassineDiboun on Instagram/Twitter for more updates. If you’d like to donate before the run, you can do so with the button below. our support and generosity is so appreciated.

Please, if you can, help us Move Through Darkness