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March Mudness

The Details:

The tournament will start w/ 64 runners in Round 1, and will be randomly paired on Selection Sunday March 17, 2024 (Live on Instagram via a random number generator) to go head-to-head on a route in Forest Park. The runners will NOT actually race side by side (unless they want to!?) but will have from March 19th through March 22nd to log their fastest time on the route/segment (see schedule below). Each person must use a GPS watch (not phone app) & upload and verify via Strava. This means you can do the route multiple times within each round before the cutoff date/time if you choose. We will take your best performance and see how it stacks up against your opponent. Fastest time moves on to the next round!

You might be thinking, "I'm not that fast!" That's ok! If you think about the college basketball tournament, every year there are teams that "aren't predicted" to do well moving on, captivating the audience. That's the magic of it all! Your opponent could get sick, miss a turn, could be slightly injured, could have a more important obligation that gets in the way of the tourney, etc. etc. and then all of the sudden you are moving on!

The route for Round 1 will be revealed on March 19, 2024 (we are giving you extra time for Round 1!) Each round the route will get more difficult, and will be revealed immediately after prior round ends.

‍What does my entry fee include?

Your $40 (+$5 shipping) entry fee includes a goodie bag w/ a Wy'east Wolfpack skull cap, Spring Energy, and more mailed to your home, and a chance to win more great prizes! We will also be making a donation to the Forest Park Conservancy and your entry will contribute to that.

Overall Winner of the tournament receives $200 cash, entry to Go Beyond Racing Stumptown Half Marathon or 50k, or Daybreak Racing Wy'east TrailFest (distance of choice), Columbia Sportswear (Montrail) gear of choice (shorts or shoes), and free massage and soak at Knot Springs (you must shower off mud before entering Knot Springs haha!)

Runner up will receive $100 cash, Wy'east Wolfpack Athletic Trucker Hat, and complimentary soak at Knot Springs

At the end of tournament, after we have celebrated our overall winner and runner-up, we will randomly pick two more winners to receive a Wy'east Wolfpack T-shirt, Columbia Sportswear gear, & complimentary soak at Knot Springs.


Selection Sunday: Sunday, March 17

First round: March 19-22

Second round: March 23-24

Sweet 16: March 28-29

Elite Eight: March 30-31

Final Four: Saturday, April 6

Championship: Monday, April 8

Let's #GETAFTERIT ! ! !

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Autumn 2022 Challenge

Summer is winding down and the first day of Autumn is nearly upon us!

We’ve created this fun, 6-day challenge to motivate folks to get moving and start the new season off with a bang!  Join the fun and games and let’s #getafterit together…

Here’s how it works:

Each day, starting Thursday, September 22nd (the first day of Autumn) participants will do the tasks outlined below and then post a photo or video (and a comment or two) to show they’ve completed that day’s activity (see posting rules below.)  Participants who finish ALL 6 challenges (and post to prove it) will have their names thrown in a raffle to be eligible to win 1 of 2 Prize Packages from Wy’east Wolfpack, as well as partners like Columbia Sportswear, Trail Butter , Mountain Shop, & Good Coffee!  Winners will be selected at random from the pool of eligible participants and announced on Wednesday, Sept. 28th via Wy’east Wolfpack community platform on Circle and social media. Movement, motivation, mindfulness and the potential to win a bunch of sweet stuff… is there any reason to NOT join the fun?!?

A- Ask a friend you have been meaning to connect with to go for a walk, workout, yoga class, run, etc. Team up....Power in numbers! 9/22/22

U- Up Up Up! Find stairs (preferably outdoors and climb a min. of 200!) 9/23/22

T- Try a new Trail that you've never seen before. This could even be in a local park......just try a new place! (9/24/22)

U- Upper Body Workout (50 push ups, 20 tricep dips, 2 mins of elbow plank throughout the day) 9/25/22

M- Meditation Monday (sitting or moving ...Shinrin Yoku...w/ a focus on Mindfulness...30mins minimum) 9/26/22

N- Ninety Minutes of Physical Activity of your choice (Can also be a combination of activities totaling 90 mins. i.e. 45 mins. in a.m. and 45 mins. in p.m.) 9/27/22

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