Foot Travel 101

Welcome to Foot Travel 101, we’re excited you’re here!

This program is a great place to start for folks of different levels, but especially for people just getting moving and needing to lessen the very understandable intimidation factor of tackling more variable terrain and/or longer distances.

First, let’s tackle the obvious questions: what is “foot travel” and why use it?

Foot Travel is a term we adopted over the years to more properly describe the action we’re doing when we say we’re “trail running.”  Much of the time when we’re trail running, we’re not actually running… instead we’re hiking up the long incline or slowly balancing through an especially rocky, technical descent, and only running the more gradual grades in between.  For folks just getting into moving their legs over longer distances or on more challenging terrain, it’s helpful to get out of your head and away from these labels. We use the term “foot travel” to take the pressure off; we don’t have to say we’re runners OR hikers, fast OR slow, this OR that.  We can call ourselves Foot Travelers and embrace and enjoy the variety of movement and speeds that are inherent to the activity.  Simple as that!  Less pressure, more fun.  Sounds good to us! :)

Over the course of the next 6 activities you will learn and embrace the philosophy and art of Foot Travel, with hopefully less comparison and pressure and more enjoyment along the way.  We’ll get you moving and show you how comparable deliberate hiking can be to an average run pace, especially on hilly terrain, and how easily hiking and running can be interchanged.

Activities in this program:

Foot Travel 101: First Steps

The philosophy of “foot travel” pairs perfectly with an important mantra: Leave your ego at the trailhead. Let our Foot Travel journey begin there...

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