Special Features:

Up-and-coming film maker Steven Mortinson joins the Wy'east Wolfpack in and around Portland, Oregon and produces a high quality 1-minute video with our very own Yassine Diboun that will be sure to get your heart racing!


We are very excited to officially release a new short piece by Billy Yang Films, about Patricia Benadi-Crespi and our own Willie McBride and their ascent of the Cactus to Clouds Trail in Southern California, the biggest vertical gain in the U.S.!  Patricia is a much loved friend and client of ours and a great example of just how wonderful and inspiring people in our community can be.  A major thanks to Billy Yang himself for his fine work and a fun day together on the mountain.  Check it out!

We are lucky to live in a town with lots of cool, creative folks with talent and enthusiasm to spare!  Corey Donovan Rood is one of those people and we were fortunate to work with him on this fun project.  Featuring our outstanding client/runner Sarah Mathes, this video highlights Portland, the awesome proximity of trails to the city, and shares some of the reasons we choose to use the word "Wy'east" and why Sarah loves to get out there running...  Give it a watch!  


More with Wy'east Wolfpack:

Check out this great short film by our friend Ethan Newberry, the Ginger Runner himself, about Gary Robbins' record-breaking run around Mt. Rainier on the Wonderland Trail.  Keep your eyes out for Willie, Yassine, and a few other familiar faces from the Portland trail community and get inspired!  Awesome film, unbelievable run.  We were lucky to be a part of it!


Very grateful for a shout-out from our friend, ultra runner, and unbelievably talented musician, Ben Gibbard during his time on Ginger Runner Live (from 38:35-->39:38.)  Check out the full interview!


The H.U.R.T 100 is a special race that Yassine has traveled to Oahu, Hawaii for over the last three years.  He DNF'ed in 2015, only to come back this year, with Willie and friends along to crew and pace, to have an amazing race and snag 3rd place!  Another quality film by Ethan Newberry...


Ahhhhh, Trail Butter!  As mentioned on our Team page, Trail Butter is a local company we love to support.  Both Willie and Yassine are proud members of Team Trail Butter and Yassine himself got to be a part of this fun, informational video.  Give it a view and learn more about how Trail Butter and their community came to be!

Visit our YouTube channel for more videos including fun adventure runs, challenges, & more!

Check back for more Films/Videos coming soon!


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