UTMB week is here!

It's that time of the year again when mountain athletes and trail running enthusiasts from the world over gather in the snowcapped mountains of the Alps to tackle the some of the hardest and most scenic races of all--the TDS, PTL, OCC, CCC, and UTMB--part of the renowned Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc week!

These events are considered some of the most difficult foot races in the world.  Many ultra runners aspire to the 100+ mile distance of the UTMB, which traverses through France, Italy and Switzerland, coming full circle to end back in Chamonix.  It takes a seriously dedicated runner to qualify and train for any of these arduous mountain events, so we want to congratulate three of our team who have put in the work and made it there this year!

Good luck runners!


Yassine Diboun

Wy’east Wolfpack co-founder, beloved coach, birthday boy of the week and renowned ultra runner, Yassine is heading off to take part in his first UTMB.  He's put in the work to prepare, training up and down the Columbia Gorge and Mt Hood the whole season through. Yassine said, “One of the things I’ve learned about 100-milers is that the only thing you can expect is… the unexpected! So, training for this requires you to run all types of terrain and being comfortable--and ready--dealing with all sorts of variables, some you can control, some you can't.”

The full UTMB 100+ mile race begins at 6 pm, Friday Sept. 1st!  Follow along and watch Yassine's progress here!

Also, check out "What It Feels Like to Be a UTMB First-Timer" by Yassine on the Inov-8 blog!

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Erik Weeman –

Wy’east Wolfpack since 2014, Erik is taking part in his first UTMB event, the 119k TDS. “The time has come once again to challenge myself like never before. On August 30th, I will run the TDS race (Sur le Trace de Ducs des Savoie).  Thousands of runners from all over the world have trained, qualified and THEN won the lottery to take part, and I just happen to be one of them. It's been three years in the making. Crazy.”  

As the first event in the week of UTMB races, the TDS is already wrapped up!  Erik had an epic experience ("crazy hard and more beautiful" to use his words), crossing the finish line in a very respectable 27:30.  Near perfect weather during the day and a cool night gave Erik the energy reserves he needed to run the final five miles hard and finish super strong, passing dozens of runners in the process.  

Way to go Erik, we can't wait to hear more of the gory details when you get home!


Addie Thompson –

Wy’east Wolfpack since 2014, Addie is taking part in her first CCC, a 100k distance race of the UTMB event series. “Words really can't describe how it feels to be living out a dream I've had for years. I am indebted to each one of my training partners for a summer of laughs and exhaustion, and to many more of you who didn't look at me like I was insane when I said I was going to Europe in September to run a 60 mile race in the Alps. That unquestioning support means more than you know. Three countries. 100 kilometers. One day. Here we go.”

CCC starts at 9 am Friday, Sept. 1st...  Go Addie, Go!  Watch the race unfold here!


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