Why Wy'east?

Many people have never heard of Wy'east before and naturally ask what it is.  Of course, there's also the question of why we choose to use it for the name of our business.  

Let's start with the meaning.  Wy'east is the original name for Mt. Hood, given by the Multnomah tribe of Native Americans who first inhabited the area.  It comes from a legend in which the two sons of the Great Spirit Sahale fell in love with the beautiful maiden Loowit, who could not decide which son to choose.  The two young men, Wy'east and Klickitat, battled viciously over Loowit, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.  Sahale, greatly displeased by this, became enraged and smote all three lovers, erecting mountain peaks to mark the place that each fell.  Sahale created Mt. St. Helens for Loowit, Mt. Hood for Wy'east, and Mt. Adams for Klickitat.

But Why Wy'east?

We've chosen to use Wy'east for three main reasons: 

-to pay homage to the Native Americans and original caretakers of this land

-to reflect our deep appreciation for wilderness and the iconic peak that is backdrop to our home

-to reiterate our support and love for all things local


And, in case you didn't notice, Wy'east begins with our initials: Willie and Yassine.  We thought that was a cool little detail...

While we're at it, we might as well explain the choice of Wolfpack too.  The symbol of the wolf has been used for ages to evoke a wild, independent spirit, freely roaming the land, driven by instinct, intimately in touch with the earth.  Despite their often solitary reputation, wolves are actually intensely family-oriented, arranging a roving pack with stronger "lead" wolves in the back and elders and weaker members in front.  We seek to emulate the wolf pack: fiercely independent and selflessly supportive of others all at once.

Our name also is a reference to the tale of the Two Wolves.  The story goes that a grandfather is telling his grandson that within every person there are two wolves that are in constant opposition.  One wolf represents kindness, positivity, and compassion and the other greed, negativity, and selfishness.

"Which wolf wins?" asks the grandson.

"The wolf that wins," replies the grandfather, "is the one you feed." 


At Wy'east Wolfpack we aim to feed the good wolf and always support the pack, no matter your age, pace, or anything else.  We pay our deepest respects to those that came before us, the people and animals whose land we're so incredibly fortunate to enjoy today.  

In closing, let us say:  


We hope you'll become part of the pack!

Willie McBride