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Spring Into Running Series

Wy'east Wolfpack and AirBnb have teamed up to bring you this 5 week series designed to help beginning and intermediate runners develop a solid foundation for efficient running through tips and techniques.

Topics include: dynamic & static stretching, proper form and foot strike, breathing, mental cues, uphill and downhill running, as well as warm up/cool down drills and functional exercises to help you get strong and stay injury-free.

When & Where: 

One hour sessions Tuesdays at 12:00 pm, outdoors along the Waterfront Esplanade and surrounding areas, rain or shine.

Week 1:

Introduction followed by a discussion of proper form and foot strike, breathing, and mental tips and techniques for pushing past your comfort zone. (ALL sessions begin with a dynamic warm up, include a short run, and end with a static stretching cool down.)

Week 2:  

Uphill Running techniques including proper cadence, visualization and breathing, as well as implementing hiking into your hill work.  Discussion will touch upon VO2 Max and how to increase it.

Week 3:

Downhill Running techniques including stabilizing your "pelvic bowl" and lowing center of gravity, avoiding over-striding, as well as mental tricks to help mitigate the fear factor and keep you cool, calm and collected.

Week 4:

Technical/trail running techniques and with “speed ladder” drills and single leg exercises that help strengthen the feet and develop proper balance and stability.

Week 5:

Final group run on the infamous "Crazy 8" to put all the techniques learned to the test! This route is a tough and fun rite of passage in the Wy'east Wolfpack community...we invite you to become part of the pack!


$100 per person*


*use special AirBnb discount code WOLFPACKRS for 50% off normal price!