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W Y ' E A S T   T R A I L   S I S T E R S

Wy'east Trail Sisters is a Portland, Oregon-based women's only           run/workout/social group that aims to promote community engagement and create a platform for women to network, share their voices, get fit, have fun, and run!

Born from a partnership between Wy'east Wolfpack and Trail Sisters, and now supported by many other dedicated businesses, Wy'east Trail Sisters is a passion project we feel is of great importance, now more than ever.


W H E N :

The inaugural Wy'east Trail Sisters series kicks off on Wednesday, April 5th and runs for 9 weeks, culminating in a very special celebration the following Wednesday, June 7th (details coming soon!)

Wednesday sessions are held 6:30-7:30 am AND 6:30-7:30 pm.  Participants have the option of dropping in to either the morning or the evening class and can expect the same supportive atmosphere and wonderful leaders at both!*

*Sign up (link below) by clicking on the evening class on Wednesday, April 5th.  This will confirm your place but does NOT bind you to only attending the evening session. As mentioned, you can drop in to either, whichever suits your fancy week to week! 


W H E R E :

Meet under the sheltered area beside the tennis courts next to Chapman Elementary School in Wallace Park in NW Portland.


W H O :

YOU and 29 other women*, along with our four wonderful leaders Jenn Love, Heather McGrath, Kate McElroy, and Sarah Foote (bios & pics below!)

Wy'east Trail Sisters weekly sessions are designed to be open to a wide range of paces and fitness levels.  That said, running is an integral part of the workouts so the ability to comfortably run 3 miles is prerequisite.

*This inaugural series was first limited to 15 total spots.  Since we've had such an overwhelming response, and those spots filled in less than 24 hours, we've decided to open up to an additional 15 women.  Going along with that we are offering the morning option (as outlined above) to keep group size manageable and give participants a bit more flexibility with their schedules. 


W H A T ' S   I N C L U D E D :

An awesome and unique hour-long session every week, exploring different areas close to Wallace Park. There will be a mix of running/hiking on roads and trails, stairs, functional fitness workouts, mobility work, and more!  Bonus is access to a network of inspiring women, new training partners, and the knowledge and experience of the leaders. We also have a very long list of discounts and perks from our generous sponsors...all for only $150 (for all 10 weeks!)


B e c o m e   a   W y ' e a s t   T r a i l   S i s t e r !

S I G N   U P   H E R E


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